About Us

  • Our Group is specialized in the consultancy services on innovation, technology and economic development.
  • Our business varies into the fields of Environment, Infrastructure, Energy, New Technologies, Business Support, Strategy Deployment and Financial Management, specializing in the Economic Development, providing an array of promoted activities and integrated services on national and international level.
  • We deliver a set of comprehensive and high-quality services across multi-disciplinary contexts based on our rational principles.
  • We bring practical solutions to challenges faced by any business sector across the world in achieving development and growth targets into all above-mentioned fields.
  • We work with all of our clients in order to deliver customized solutions and help to resolve even the most insignificant business issues, creating a competitive advantage that lasts.
  • We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry and we are not afraid to go beyond the standard solutions to find new insights.
  • If you would like to inquire about our services please feel free to contact us by one of the methods listed on our Contact Us page.